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This map is included in the Italian Units Mod II mod as the [IU04] Vovousa 1940 chapter.

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Map walkthrough:

This map starts with your army within enemy/AI artillery range and will start throwing shells at you. Therefor, move them into the town and set them up in defensive positions around the main bridge.

Apart from that, your first objective is to get your sniper from the building/prison in the east to the farm across the wooden bridge. This bridge needs to be build, so send some engineers there, but guard them because once the bridge is finished, the enemy will perform a small attack across that bridge. But back to the sniper. This objective can be a tough one, so make multiple saves to avoid frustration.

At the start of the map, order (twice) your sniper to run into the forest, following the path. Try to stay beneath the path, because when running south, you will encounter two patrolling enemy/AI squads. Some time before reaching the bend (in the path), put the sniper in sneak mode to avoid being seen. Doing this too early, will make the patrol behind you catch up. Then, when you reach the bend, hide in the forest and watch the two patrols cross each other. From that point on, it often becomes very tricky and you'll need a bit of luck here. The best option is to follow one patrol going down the hills to the wooden bridge and then hide somewhere between the factory and the wooden bridge, crawling towards the river, because that patrol will return over the path! Depending on the timing of the game itself, this is probably the hardest part of the map. Following one specific patrolling squad might give a better chance than the other because of their programming. Having to wait in the forest isn't very spectacular, i know.

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Once you have crossed the wooden bridge and made it to the farm, you can call yourself a sneaking expert. Make sure your officer (Giovani) is also brought to the farm to meet with the sniper (Luigi). Only then will the objective be completed. Beware at this point tha the enemy/AI will launch an attack across the main bridge!

After that, two more objectives follow: to seize the town on the other side of the river and second, to take out the artillery in the south. It doesn't matter in what order, so the easiest way would be to attack from over the wooden bridge and thus from the back. Taking the artillery out first will make the rest a piece of cake.