Vladigrad map screenshots

Major Pain Models

These pages are dedicated to, and in memory of Doug aka Major Pain.

I met the Major on the long forgotten BKP forum in 2007. Both interested in modding, we started exchanging modding knowledge, ideas, works and such. Shared common hopes and dreams about mods and maps.

From late 2008/early 2009, the Major got infected by the Maya microbe and began creating 3d models for Blitzkrieg. One of our hopes and dreams was to put these in a mod, so they could be used in maps and see battle.

Most of Doug's early models were already included in the OA mod and IUII mod (and still are), but they often lacked good skins. By 2011, the Major had already produced hundreds of units and was, at that point, evolving into a better skilled modeler, which brought the Series II.

From 2013/2014, Major Pain was creating so many units, at such a high rate, that I couldn't follow the pace and apart from that, I always had a hard time finding skins. And just because of that, I found myself investing my own BK time more into skinning, rather than modding and/or mapping. Nevertheless, I kept collecting skins from the BK forum until 2015/2016.

When Doug passed away in 2016, I knew it was time to finish this once and for all: I gathered all my courage and strength to go through every single model, foreseeing it with a skin, editing its xml, creating icon files, etc. The goal was to create a complete pack, but little did I know it would take me about six years to get this job done. I had underestimated this task enormously. 

At present, I can say the job is for about 99% done. After these six years, I do seem to lack the strength to finish the Polish units, a few more other and some tweaks here and there. I am almost through with modding, apart from the SPS mod that I will look at the coming year. So far, the IUII mod contains all Doug's units from early war to late, but then aimed at the Italian theater. The OA mod contains all of Doug's later war and aimed at the Eastern theater mainly, apart from a Normandy chapter. In another split of MP's units, the SPS mod contains Doug's USMC and Japanese units. The mod seems still a bit unstable and definitely needs some screening before making it available again, but I truly hope that to be my last modding act. Time to finally finish a few more maps...

Of course, I have used many of the skins that I had collected in the past from various skinners of the BK forum.
They are (in alphabetical order):

  • Big Joe
  • Feldgrau
  • Gagarin
  • Ogmodon
  • Squire James
  • Von Osten

All skinners were credited in an excel file. The other missing skins were made by myself, so the last six years I became a skinner instead of a mapper. I'm not a good skinner, but my motto being: better something than nothing. In some cases, I have used parts of other skins; this is also credited to some extend. I want to thank all skinners for their time and efforts.