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This is the second map of the [IUII] Operation Compass chapter, included in the Italian Units Mod II mod.

Sidi el Barrani 2 Map Screenshot


Map walkthrough:

Immediately when the map starts, send your universal carriers, with some tanks and troops, from the south to the west. The second objective of this map consists in intercepting a fleeing enemy general, escorted by some troops and trucks. If those manage to escape, you will lose.

The main objective is the town itself. It's well defended and because your artillery is within enemy/AI artillery range, a direct frontal attack is not advised. Once you have intercepted the fleeing units, you will most likely become shelled there, which reveals the enemy/AI artillery more or less. Approach the town from the west carefully and try to take out the long ranged enemy/AI artillery located aside the town. With those taken care of, you should be able to start using your artillery against the enemy in front of the town.

Once you manage to get at least two units in the town, most enemies will surrender. If at this point, the objective remains unfinished, look for some enemy/AI units that haven't surrendered yet.