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12 x 12
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2008 > 2009
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This map is included in the Italian Units Mod II mod as the [IU01] France 1940 chapter.

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Little Saint Bernard Pass Map Screenshot


Map walkthrough:

Your army stands before France and has to cross three bridges. Doing so will bring you within enemy/AI artillery range, causing serious headaches. Use the paradrop plane to get a sniper behind enemy lines. In case you play the map for the first time, this can be a tough decision to make. The best location is shown in the following screenshot:

map help iu01

The spot beyond the red roofed house in the south, is a good place to deploy your artillery and the southern bridge your best option to cross the river. Meanwhile, wreak some havoc upon enemy/AI artillery and AA with your sniper.

Once you have crossed the southern bridge, you can go two ways with this map. There's two objectives in the town of Setz in the west. You can choose to go directly west for the objectives or go north through the mountains and then attack the town from the north. The latter might be less costly.