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Wespex + kaoz
BK Version
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Germany + Allies
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20 x 20
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This is the third map of the 01_Ostwall 1944 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.  The map was originally created by Wespex graphically, but heavily edited and scripted by kaoz.

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Map walkthrough:

In this map, your main mission is to get three agents upon a train and get this train to its destination. The three agents can be found in the fields down south and west. Although there's no timer involved, this map is somewhat a race against time. The faster you act, the easier the mission will be. This because the train has to pass the bridge over the river and the enemy will attempt to prevent that and so you need to get there before the enemy does.

The enemy/AI will throw some heavy attacks upon the west camp and the east camp, but also in the middle towards the town, so try closing that gap with mines (red dots on map), soldiers and some tanks. Also, in the west, you have some units you better withdraw to the west camp or the bridge to be more of use there instead of being anniliated.

Be careful in the town and at the crossing. Partisans will try to sabotage the train and/or prevent it from passing the bridge. Try to take them out before moving the train. Besides, the train will only be able to move when the three agents are boarded. You have artillery and a nebelwerfer, so don't forget to use them, they can make a huge difference.

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Once the train has passed the bridge, again some partisans will try to (surprise) attack it. You do have the time, however, to get some units in place or entrenched (orange dots on map) to prevent this.