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AfG + kaoz
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Germany + Allies
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11 x 7
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This is the second map of the 05_OstWest 1944 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod. The map was originally created by Aleksej fon Grozny graphically, but heavily edited and scripted by kaoz.

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Jassy–Kishinev Map Screenshot


This map is pretty straightforward. First, unleash your stalin-organ (a few times) on the town before you and then take it. You will receive a bit of help from the south. Try to keep them a bit organized maybe...

When you possess the town, go further south instead of going through the middle part of the map. There's only mines, tanks and entrenched units awaiting. You can try if you really want; you might survive, but it's not the best option.

The small town in the southeast is only poorly defended, but going further east, as the mission points out, taking out the artillery there will demand a proper fight. Attacking the stronghold from both the left and frontal may end this quick, although the frontal approach remains a bit difficult. Try to lure them out.

The last mission, obviously, demands to take out the remaining enemy base at the coast in the north. You have two options here: roll up the enemy defenses (through the middle of the map) or stay hidden close to the eastern map border and move on up, shell the base and next attack it from the left and the right. When the base is taken, the remaining enemy units will surrender, although a few, stiff units might refuse switching to neutral. Take them out until you get the 'win' message screen.