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GB + Greece
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This map is included in the Italian Units Mod II mod as the [IU14] Maleme Crete 1941 chapter.

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Map walkthrough:

The map opens with various paradrops that start in the north with a few Italians and some Germans. Then more German drops will take place over the beach further east. Assemble your Italian troops to the nearest houses above the bridge. A short while after the Germans have dropped, they will become selectable for you to command. Also notice there will be unmanned MG's, AT's and mortars among the drops!

After a briefing, shown as the first objective, four more objectives will follow. Capture Maleme Airport (1), seize the town of Pyrgos (2), seize the town of Vlakheronitissa (3) and capture Hill 107 (4).

map help iu14

Going for a frontal attack with your full army might not be the best idea. Chances are low you'll survive that. You could choose to go for the airport first, but there you'll have to deal with two matildas. If you're lucky you could take it, but it will cost you very dear.

A better approach would be to put the Germans on the beach in defensive mode and keep them waiting. With the axis troops from the north, try to break through to the west, along the river. You will meet stiff opposition and the Bofors there, really hurt. There's a small possibility to take that out with some mortars, but you'll need a lucky shot maybe.

Once you've made it west, go south behind the enemy. The town of Vlakheronitissa (3) has a warehouse and when the objective is reached, you will gain access to the enemy supply trucks, if you manage to keep them whole, that is. Also if you manage to take over the enemy artillery there, will make this map a lot easier.