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Wespex + kaoz
BK Version
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Germany + Allies
AI Opponent
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14 x 14
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This is the first map of the 01_Ostwall 1944 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod. The map was originally created by Wespex graphically, but heavily edited and scripted by kaoz.

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Brest Map Screenshot


Map walkthrough:

The map starts with a few immediate heavy enemy attacks on your front lines. Eventually, it will be impossible to hold these. You could pull back your army, but it would be better to have your soldiers delaying the enemy, so you get more time to prepare your defense in the back of the map.

The enemy/AI will win if it succeeds to reach one of the two bridges in the back. Therefor, strengthen that defense in the back should be your top of the list concern. Dig trenches, lay mines and put your army in the best position to hold off the enemy of breaking through there.

Be sure to shell the enemy with everything you have (including one very heavy bomber plane). It is also possible to have some soldiers distracting the swarming enemy units to buy more time.

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After the attack and all your reinforcements have landed, you will need to retake the entire map.