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Germany + Allies
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This is the second map of the 01_Ostwall 1944 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Map walkthrough:

In this map, you have to prevent the enemy from breaking through and reach the other side of the map. Expect a series of heavy enemy attacks (with Stalin Organs) on your front lines. Therefore, try to withdraw MG's, mortars and maybe other vulnerable units out of enemy artillery range. Otherwise they won't survive.

Holding the town is not an order, but on the other hand, holding it will prevent a extra particular enemy attack. Therefor, it is strongly advised to do so. Lay mines and dig trenches at strategic places. Try to close the line and use the two mountain sites to your advantage. Try to destroy most of the enemy tanks with your AA guns there.

Deploy your three Tiger tanks strategically and try to keep them alive. Digging them in is not the best way to achieve this. Withdraw them just a bit when needed. Lure the enemy into traps with your Tigers and Wirbelwind, so they can perform maximum damage. And of course, replenish your troops; your trucks should be constantly at work.

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After the attacks and all your reinforcements have landed, you will need to take out the remaining enemy positions.