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This is the third map of the 03_Ostwall 1945 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Your main army beyond the river should be waiting to cross the bridge until a covert operation, performed by Alpha, has taken control over the bunker guarding the bridge. Your arrival will awaken an enemy officer who will try to set off an alarm. Make sure you prevent this from happening!

Once this is accomplished, move your way up over the docks and try to stay covert for as long as possible. Stay behind the fences and away from the city for now. Make sure the oil reserves do not get hit as it is part of the mission to capture these safe.

At some point, Bravo will set in another covert operation. You can chose what to do with these: send them on a suicide mission to take out some tank or artillery gun, or just try to keep them out enemy sight and use them later, together with your units moving up on the docks. These units will eventually encounter some resistance and from there, the enemy will be alarmed. On the docks, you'll be rewarded with a lot of war booty.

When you occupy the docks completely, it is time to focus on the town. Enemy units will start attacking you and they will re-spawn until you manage to occupy certain area's within the town. You should, however, have plenty of units to succeed. Be careful for enemy snipers and artillery though.