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Germany + Allies
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14 x 14
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This is the second map of the 03_Ostwall 1945 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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The game starts with two special agents and a jeep. You don't have to do anything, but enjoy the ride to the secret enemy facility.

When arriving there, the special agents will leave the jeep and walk to the facility. At some point there, the enemy will be alarmed, so you should have already put the snipers in sneak mode and hide them behind the factory office building on the right. Take out the enemy officer standing in front of the left house before starting your three tasks in the facility.

The best way to fulfill your three tasks is to perform them in the opposite order. When all three tasks are completed, enemy units will come to the facility and therefor you need as much time you can get to escape the facility. Killing the guards (and dog) at the gate and the patrolling guards before finishing all tasks, will also make you lose less time to escape!

So, first move to the enemy tank. Be careful and don't let the enemy units in the supply building notice you. Then second, go the right factory floor which is the labo you need to steal something from. This can take a while and might seem as nothing happens. Give it a bit of time and the mission should eventually complete. Then last, enter the office to steal the documents from. Remember, once this is completed, you will have to run out of the facility.

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From there, it doesn't matter much if you go left or right (the latter might be a bit easier). Make sure you are back to sneak mode before encountering the approaching enemy squads. With two snipers, you should be able to avoid them, but you might need a bit of luck. You could also send your armored cars to help them escape, but these will awaken some enemy artillery.

You finally need to leave the map through an escape point. Go there to win the map, but be careful for patrolling enemy units underway.

It is possible to conquer the whole map if you succeed to take over a supply base and some artillery, but unnecessary to end the game. Only for die-hards.