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zaltar + kaoz
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Allies + Germany
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9 x 9
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This is the third map of the 10 Race For Dominion chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Another small and quick map, but at this point, halfway the chapter, it becomes heavier.

In contrast of what the mission order says, the enemy will attack from two sides, so don't be fooled and prepare yourself for an imminent attack. Line up your units in the best way you can. The enemy/AI will win if one of its units manages to reach the other side (going from the bunker to the north). You will win by simply surviving.

Your units in the small town are a bit stuck... waste no time to organize them in better positions and bring the reinforcements from the north immediately to the front. The area between the town and the bunker can be somewhat tricky with all those bushes. Try laying soldiers in front of your tanks to provide a better view for your tanks there. You also have a sniper in a little bunker in front of the big bunker... it's not a bad idea to move him in a more profitable position as well.


Hi, you don't have to download OA maps separately as they are all included in the mod, which you do have to download of course. Maps are all part of Chapters. See the Mods section for more information on the OA mod; there's a ReadMe.pdf explaining further details.