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The War of a 100 days is a forgotten part of the Second World War. Italy had expansionist ideas and forced its way down Africa and actually reached the borders of Kenia and the vicinity of the Great Lakes in Africa. At some time it was feared that South Africa's gold fields were the main aim. This was not a very mechanised part of the war in the sense of tanks and armour. It was a hard slogging match between British, South African and Colonial troops on the one side and the Italians and their Colonial troops on the other.

One has to remember that the Americans, Japanese and Germans did NOT take part in this theatre. No paratroops were used as it was not in the South African forces inventory and the Italians did not dare either. That was a later development outside this arena. The forces used there were British, South African, Italian and Colonial troops on both sides. Because of this there are only 2 parties to chose from. Either Italy or South Africa. You have to set this in the diplomacy when you start mapping as it WILL crash if you run it. This HAS to be set before the maps created are saved for the first time! Set it up immediately on starting the map editor and you will not have problems.

This project was inspired by a guy called Jacques, but all thanks go to BKP, Icemember, Dunkel, GordonCZ, LouisXIV and Badmoon (not necessary in that order). A few others assisted and passed on ideas and granted permission for the use of items created by them.

Google for this campaign and you will get an insight into the harsh terrain and conditions both parties fought. Don't just play the game. Read up about it. Broaden your horizons in this way.

Author:  Leon
Released: 2008

Run the East_Africa_Mod.exe file to begin installation.
The default path of "C:\Program Files\Nival Interactive\Blitzkrieg\Run\mods\East Africa Mod\Data" will need to be changed if your copy of Blitzkrieg is installed in a different location.

Note: This mod requires around 183MB of free disk space to install.



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