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Germany + Allies
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16 x 16
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This is the fifth map of the 03_Ostwall 1945 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Road to Vyborg Map Screenshot


In this map, attack will be the best defense. You will be shelled at a lot: try to make the enemy aim their artillery where you chose (draw their attention with soldiers and so prevent it from killing your armor, AA and such).

In the west, with a well organized attack, you should be able to conquer the farm and the west part of the town, not easily, but after a good fight. In the east, it will be somewhat harder, especially your left flank might have difficulties with the enemy stronghold there. You don't have to conquer them to win the game, however.

Your left flank will become attacked at the start of the game. Try to minimize your losses and after the attack, you could also chose to lead them through the forest to join the armies in the middle, fighting into the east part of the town.

You will need to break through the east part of the town somehow. Using bazookas on enemy tanks should make this possible. Once you occupy the town, you can proceed over the two bridges to silence the remaining artillery there, which will end the game.