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Allies + Axis
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18 x 18
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This map is part of the OstWall 03 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.


Map Guidelines


The progress of this map is depending on how you play it. Losing certain area's is fine, while other specific area's will gain attacking enemy reinforcements if they become unoccupied. You could still have a chance winning the game if these attacking enemy reinforcements happen, but you would need strong defenses. Of course, the map becomes a lot easier if you don't let this happen.

At the start, immediatly bring your units from the back unto the river. You will need repair and reinf trucks. Also bring your rocket launcher towards the river. You will need it against the infantry wave.

AI enemy attacks will start to attack your front. It should be possible to survive the 1st wave. Start laying mines, especially before and on the bridges. But also between buildings. Try to 'catch' tanks with mines. This will prevent them to spawn, for as long they remain alive, but immobile. Doing this will make this map so much easier.

It is advised to bring squads into the city and put them between those in the buildings. Try keeping your tanks alive and withdraw them in case they become targeted.

After the 1st attack, leave some squads entrenched on the left flank (in the east), but pull back most of your units just behind the river. Put your MG's next to the small bridges against enemy infantry trying to cross them. Get squads to the right flank (in the west). Secure the area between the castle and the small bridge there.

One objective orders to keep control over the city. This is pretty hard to do and you can choose to withdraw, but it will mean more enemy units. Try to withdraw unto the cemetry, just before the bridge. Shell the enemy with your artillery that's behind the river.

Losing the positions at the cemetry, across the bridge in the east and/or across the bridge in the west, will cause enemy reinforcements. In this case, make sure you have a 3rd defense line in the back to guard your oil reserves and other supplies. If you try keep that positions however, you should be able to hold the attacks until the British general arrives. Bring him to the castle (in the west, where the German general houses) and you will receive reinforcements. From that point on, you should be able to push back the enemy and re-conquer the complete territory.


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