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Germany + Allies
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18 x 18
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This is the fourth map of the 03_Ostwall 1945 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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This can be a hard map and can go in different directions, depending how you play. Again, there will be waves of enemy attacks that re-spawn when they die. Remember catching tanks with mines and keeping them alive will prevent re-spawning.

You can try holding the town for as long as needed, but it will be costly. It is possible hiding squads between buildings and using all your urban experience. On the other hand, building a second defense line will increase your chance to survive. Especially on the left flank, in the east, it is advised to move every usable unit across the bridge there and trap the enemy trying to pass it. More or less the same for your right flank, in the west. The enemy will try to kill a general there in the castle, so you should also try to prevent the enemy from crossing the bridges.

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Beware, when some area's of your second defense line become abandoned, enemy reinforcements will land there and try to push you even further. This is also the case when losing parts of the town.

Eventually, reinforcements will come, which enable you to push back the enemy in a final battle.