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panzerman (kaoz remake)
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Axis + Allies
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23 x 23
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This map is part of the OstWest 05 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.


Map Guidelines


This map is maybe the toughest of all the OA maps and it demands patience, a lot of micro-managing and requires your best skills. Run the game once, sit back and see what is coming at you. Learn from it and then restart.

The AI will attempt to conquer all the villages. You cannot afford to lose Brusilov (#1) itself, but you will need to give up one, two or maybe more villages, depending on your play. Losing them has consequences and will only make things worse. Therefore, delaying the enemy is very crucial as is laying mines at the most strategic places.

The village Tarasov in the south (#2) will be impossible to hold, but the longer you defend it, the longer it will take before the enemy gets reinforcements. Once the village is lost, the enemy will first regroup and then attack Brusilov after some amount of time. More or less the same for the next village Yastrebenka in the southeast (#3), exept that it is possible to hold this, although the sacrifice would be tremendous. Succeeding this however, will prevent another enemy reinforcement. It is one of the important choices that you will have to make, but each choice will cause a complete different outcome and different behavior of the AI.

Also bear in mind that there's a lost enemy tank 'squadron' behind your lines (northeast and just above the river) and they will cause trouble in your back. You have some units nearby however, and before they should continue their way to the village, they should be taking care of those tanks first.

The next two villages you need to defend are Lasarevka (#4) and Stariskaya (#5). They lay both in the east before the river. If you reposition your units a bit and lay mines before these villages, you should be able to hold them. If not, more enemies will come towards Brusilov, the main objective, and it will only become tougher.

And if that all isn't bad enough, you also need to defend your west flank. Enemy units will attempt to cross the bridges and attack Brusilov in the back. Again, lay mines as strategically as possible because you don't have much time either.

Once the enemy attacks have been dealt with, you'll need to retake the lost villages, plus the village Vodotiy in the far west of the map.


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