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Germany + Allies
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12 x 12
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This is the sixth map of the 05_OstWest 1944 chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Veliki Tabor Map Screenshot


In this map, you face a valley and next, a mountain with a castle on top, surrounded by trees. Taking this castle is the main mission.

Going through the valley might be costly; there's mines, tanks and artillery that will see you coming. On the left flank, you will even awaken an attack when passing a specific trigger, don't let it surprise you.

At the beginning of the game, you'll immediately receive an optional mission: a high-ranked fuhrer is fleeing the mansion in the south. You'll have to be quick and find a good way to intercept him. Succeeding will reward you a few more units.

Surrounding the enemy from the south to the east and next the north might be the best option, although you'll still encounter some small attacks along the way. You could, however, as well try any other different approach. Once the castle is taken, some enemy units will surrender, some won't. You might need to convince them you've won the game.