Malta 1941 Map Image
BK Version
Player Party
AI Opponent
GB + Greece
Map Season
Map Date
Map Size
15 x 15
Date Released
2011 > 2017
File Size
Map Info

This map is included in the Italian Units Mod II mod as the [IU16] Malta 1941 chapter.

Malta 1941 Map Screenshot


Map walkthrough:

The map starts with a paradrop. A few Italian and German squads land in a field; get those out of the field and onto the nearest (brown/muddy) road. Go down towards the edge of the map and try to stay out of conflict with the enemy/AI. Then follow carefully the map's edge to the west corner, where you can 'steal' some enemy equipment.

A few objectives will then send you to the north. When those are accomplished, the north and west should be under your control and will trigger reinforcements landing on the beach. Beware of mines there and get those units of the beach. It will make room for a second reinforcement. The enemy/AI will be alarmed at this point and send some troops. Try setting up an ambush on that same muddy road where you landed earlier.

Once dealt with the enemy troops, work your way up to the town of Mellieha and further east to silence the guns at Fort Campbell. In the final phase, you then can secure the complete east and south of the map.