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The SPS Mod focuses on the Pacific theatre and therefor contains many additions for the Japanese and Chinese armies. Moreover, it contains all kinds of stuff from various sources and many of the community members aided in this project. Read the credits.txt to see all those involved. Not all maps were finished and some will crash!
Install Info

Run the SPS_Setup.exe file to begin installation.
Install into \Blitzkrieg\Run\mods\ directory.

Recommended to install under Rolling Thunder or BH-RT Anthology.

Always had I been interested in this mod, but being busy and lack of time kept me from playing it. I had downloaded it, but also remembered it had serious crashing issues. Years later, a player (Warlord) asked me for this mod. He reminded me of the problem and so I decided to give it a closer look.

First, I re-organized the modobjects list and corrected some typos and double items, which made the mod work properly. Next, I added the necessary packs. Two WW2 packs are still missing, but can be downloaded from Boltz' GeoCities (not anymore now, i'm afraid). Third, I checked the chapter and maps. The chapter turned out to be ok and also most of the maps work fine under Rolling Thunder, or better BH-RT. A few maps are still crashing, maybe due to the missing packs. Some other included maps still miss important, necessary files (like a lua script or mission objective text files) and therefore remain unfinished.

Apart from a picture to make the game selection screen prettier, I haven't changed anything else to the mod, to keep it as it originally was, but working, not crashing. Hereby, I took the liberty to create an installer for the mod to make it easier for those players, still interested.

kaoz, May 1st, 2017