Juno Beach - OA Map Image
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This is the second map of the 11 Hell's Corners chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.


In this map you are commanding four Canadian brigades landing on the Juno shores. The first arriving units you receive, will spawn after they die, so no need for panic if you lose them. Each brigade has its specific mission objective, but unlike the previous Ham & Jam map of this chapter, their ScriptID's are not linked to the objectives, giving the possibility to fulfill a specific objective with a different brigade. 

However, it's not a bad idea to keep brigades together. Each has a certain path in the map design that corresponds to the historical events (more or less). For each brigade the spawn of the first units will end when its first mission is completed. From that point, each division cannot afford to become annihilated or you will lose the game. Chance this will happen, should be rather small tho'.

The further you advance, the more reinforcements will arrive and the beaches will become crowded. Some enemy counter-attacks will occur when you move up the map, but you should have enough material to tackle them.