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This is the third map of the 11 Hell's Corners chapter, included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

Buron - Authie - OA Map Screenshot


This map can go, again, a few different ways depending how you play it and decisions you make.

oa 73 Buron Authie Help

At the start, you get two game-minutes to prepare for an enemy attack. The town Authie (#1) will be attacked first and chances are rather small you'll be able to hold it. You have the option to withdraw or to sacrifice this brigade. The latter might make the next attack on the town Buron (#2) easier.

You have a greater chance to hold Buron than Authie, but you'll need to move reinforcements to it and fight a serious battle. But again, you have the option to withdraw. It might not be the best idea however, as it will harden the next objective.

A third attack will be aimed at the town in the back, Villons-les-Buissons (#3). You cannot afford to lose this town, not even half. Defending it, should be easy, but it might depend on whether you have withdrawn from Buron and/or Authie or not.

The town on the left, Vieux Cairon (#4), also cannot be lost or you will lose the game, but this should be easy. At the start, there are a few remaining enemy units there. Deal with them quickly to receive reinforcements there and prepare to defend it. Or you can move some of them towards the next town.

The Gruchy (#5) mission is not of high importance, but setting up a defense there, might make the defense of Buron a lot easier. Another choice you will have to take or not. Whatever you have decided, you will reach a point where the enemy attack, hopefully, comes to a halt. In case you have lost Buron and/or Authie, you will need to recapture them and then, in a final phase, secure a few more area's on the map (orange circles) in order to win.