Achtung Panzer!

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Achtung Panzer! is a custom campaign that comes with various modifications.

Author: GordonCZ
Released: 09/2006

Install the Achtung_Panzer.exe to Blitzkrieg folder. All addons necessary to play the Achtung Panzer! custom campaign will be installed simultaneously with the campaign itself. All other textures, sounds, gameplay and other mods and customised files will be kept intact. Playing Achtung Panzer! with ailogic.dll from the Stalingrad game by DTF Games is strongly recommended. While Achtung Panzer! is installed you will not be able to play the original German campaign. This can be played after Achtung Panzer! is uninstalled or removed from the Blitzkrieg folder. No file will be overwritten during the installation, so after you uninstall or directly remove Achtung Panzer! from the Blitzkrieg/Run/Data folder, the previous state will be restored.

intro movie music: Andreas Waldetoft (Paradox Interactive)
outro movie music: Michael Giacchino (Activision)
buildings' textures: Tangram
20mm Flak patch: ACTive Gaming
Nebelwerfer push: BKP
Italian textures: Randell, Aleksej fon Grozni
jeep towing mod: Corpbob
French and Italian voices: Hellcat
B29 to B17 conversion: CorpBob


Download Patch
Rename the patch into Achtung_Panzer_patch.pak and place it in the Blitzkrieg/Run/Data folder.

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