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zaltar + kaoz
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Allies + Germany
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13 x 13
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This map is part of the Race for Dominion 10 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.


Map Guidelines


In this map, you need to secure a road and protect retreating German units going from north to west. These units are scripted to move from point A to B. They can be selected and ordered to do something else (you will need to make stop sometimes maybe to prevent from being killed). Try to avoid this as much as possible, however, if they die, you fail the mission, so make sure they reach the exit zone safe! Also protect the road: if too many enemy units manage crossing it, the mission will fail!

Of course, the enemy will attempt to stop you from succeeding and will launch a series of attacks. The first attack concentrates on the town, so build a few trenches and lay some mines in the (very) short time you'll have. Do this strategically, in front of the town, while hiding in the town. At the same time, send some of your units to the exit zone (point B), because that's where the second (but small) attack will occur.

... to be continued ...


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