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zaltar + kaoz
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Allies + Axis
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15 x 15
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This map is part of the Race for Dominion 10 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.


Map Guidelines


This map can be easy or hard, depending how you are playing it. Enemy attacks will soon take place from the north, north-west and south. These attacks will keep lasting until you have conquered three specific points. You could choose to, immediately go for these points and beat the first attacks underway, but that would be the hardest way, I guess. Instead, you could opt for a defensive strategy, which is probably the wiser, staying out of reach from enemy artillery shells.

In this case, immediately prepare defenses to protect your base camp in the east. Build two trenches and lay some mines in the short time you'll have. In this game, laying mines can have a very important impact, as trapping enemy tanks will prevent them from spawning. Doing so will definitely make it easier.

Notice in the south-east, you have mostly Free French troops. These troops have a greater chance of surviving if they go swift for the trigger point immediately and thus stop all further attacks from the south. One attack will take place, but it is possible to win that, if performed well. But then again, you could also get them out of enemy artillery range, dig them in and lay mines.

Once you get passed the southern trigger point and go to attack the port in the utter south, try to capture the enemy heavy gun (ML-20) there. As it has the best range, you can use it well to your advantage.

In the north, you'll find a small village. Securing it will stop all further enemy attacks from the north. Until then, the attacks will cause you some pain, but you can do also with your artillery. Once the village is taken, there's the stronghold (with a bunker) in the north-west, which is the third trigger point. This trigger point spawns some enemy tanks. If you have trapped one of these with mines, again, this objective undoubtedly becomes much easier.

The last objective consists in taking the town in the far west. Cross the bridge with the necessary caution, however. Try to take some of the enemy artillery before doing so.


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