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This map is part of the OstWest 05 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.


Map Guidelines


You'll start this map with some troops in the west, some in the middle and some in the south. As the main objective suggests, it is not a good idea to move forward into the valley. Enemy artillery is shelling the area which is also heavily mined and therefore it's better to go around it.

Focus on your troops in the south. A squad of partisans will inform you that the Hungarian Fuhrer is trying to flee. Catching him becomes a superficial objective, meaning you're not obliged to succeed this objective. If he manages to escape, you can still win, however, succeeding will award you a few reinforcements. You'll need to be swift and somewhat tactical to get him.

Especially your troops in the west should not go forward. If they do, they'll trigger a counter-attack, not that hard maybe, but it would undoubtedly hurt you bad. Better to bring the necessary units to the south and then go up by the side to the east and then north to seize the castle from the back.

On your way up, you will still encounter stiff resistance, but manageable. Use the sniper in order to steal the heavy enemy AA's. Then take the little town first. Next, beware of mines and a counter-attack when moving up east. In the utter west corner await some Hungarian troops. It is possible to bypass them, but as a German bomber plane will start annoying you, it's better to deal with those troops to give you more room over the terrain.

In the northern corner are stationed a lot of heavy Italian units. It is possible to avoid these and go for the main objective, the castle.

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