Bucharest - OA

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AfG (kaoz remake)
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Axis + Allies
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6 x 6
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This map is part of the OstWest 05 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.


Map Guidelines


The map starts with immediate action. A few enemy units are attacking. At your eastern flank, you have a sniper in a building. Make her leave the building if you want her to survive. Wait with using your mortars until the point where your squads are being revealed to the enemy artillery. Might even be better if you keep the mortars quiet until the 2nd enemy attack. The best tactique here to survive with as few losses as possible, would be to make your squads draw the attention of the enemy artillery and (heavy) bomber plane.

The 2nd attack will happen on the broad boulevard in the middle and consists of some more enemy squads and 3 tanks. Use the entrenched squads on the western flank to surprise the enemy from behind the buildings. Try to protect the few tanks and trucks you received, because they're all the reinforcement you'll get.

The map is very tiny and filled with enemy AA's. In spite of that, use fighter planes at the right time to chase that enemy bomber. You definitely don't want that bomber to return.

After the attacks are being dealt with, you'll have some time to replenish your troops before moving on to complete the two given objectives. Beware of an enemy sniper, hidden in a building somewhere in the middle!

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