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LouisXIV + KeepItSimple
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Map is good, action is excellent, but after a couple of hours of play, game starts to hang. Afterwards, it lowers frame speed to -1 or -2, but eventually grinds down to a total halt, and then Windows displays a message saying game stopped working. I used to have compatibility issues (I use Windows 10), but after taking a lot of measures, haven't had a related crash for around 2.5 months (I first installed in November); what is happening here is completely different. Same happens with other maps not included in the original Mod.

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Hi Bert,

This lowering in preformance is probable due to the slightly wrong Mobile Reinforcement by me. Mobile Reinforment can do two nice things for mappers. It does for AI which player can do as well. Trucks when used mobile reinforment resupply man to guns. Engineer trucks repair damaged units. And tanks when used a mobile reinforment counter attack a position under thread by the player. This nice as doesn't matter where the player attacks. The game engine makes sure there is attack at the spot where player makes contact with AI.So far so good,  However, where it went (slightly) wrong here is that Louis also marked spotted on the map to let units moved to when idle.I didn't removed this points, nore used as intended. This confused the game engine in the end and this makes it slow, My mistake not Louis. 


It's not just a lowering in performance, but a crash altogether... Is there a way to fix it? Everything in F40 is amazing; the variety and historical accuracy of units is worth solid gold (my compliments on that), but in maps which eventually turn unplayable like this one, it gets wasted. 

By the way, do you know if there are other mod-ers still around? With a variety of units like the one we have here, subjects like the italian invasion of France after Dunkirk, Operation Compass, or the Greek campaign from the Allied perspective, still have a long way to go. 

Once again, my compliments on such a good work. 


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Italian Units Mod 2 contains map of italian invasion of France and 6 or 7 maps of Compass. I am still working on an update of the mod. If you really want, i could send you the old version.

That really sounds good!

I can wait, mate, knowing that the end result is going to be even better than the existing version... Just try not to take too long :D

Also, even though I have never been involved with modding before, I'll be glad to chip in if there is something I can do to help you lads with.  


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Blauwput map updated!

Already downloaded ;)

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Hi everyone - new here and so glad I found this site, have downloaded a few maps and they look superb. I played this (Blauwput) the other night and was very impressed nice map and great action - kept me happy till the early hours, no drop in performance throughout on my Win 10 set up.

Great work on the mods to this game guys, I grew up with the likes of this and Sudden Strike :~) and still liking it today. Looking forwards to playing more.

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Hi Evobem!

Thx 4 yr kind words. Good 2 hear you're still enjoying the game!

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