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Mod description:
The Frankreich'40 MOD follows the exploit of the British expeditionary force (BEF) and its various Allies in the period of April 1940 (Norway) to May 1941 (Crete). The main focus of the mod is, as the name suggests, on the period May-June 1940. Next to BEF, units from the Belgium, France, Greece, Italian, German armies and Fallschirmjäger are included. Gameplay/range is similar to mission Kursk. The mod is for BK as well as RT.

In this release, all patches (1 to 16) made for the mod in the period of September 2013 to February 2015 are included. All maps previously released for this mod will still work with this new release. The 10 maps made especifically for the mod by GotMittUns and KeepItSimple (covering the period May 1940 to May 1941) have been upgraded with new units and objects and are included in this release.

This mod would have never been possible without the BK-community. The mod-makers wish to thank: Badmoon, HungaryBlitz, Mazka, Major Pain and many others for the use of their work. A special thanks goes to Von Osten and Feldgrau, who made several objects/skins on request for this mod.

Authors: GottMitUns and KeepItSimple
Released: 09/2013 > 03/2015

Run the F40Mv16.exe file to begin installation.
Install to your Blitzkrieg\Run\Mods folder.

This mod requires around 1,46GB of free disk space.


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