Varna - OA

Varna Map Image
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Allies + Axis
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20 x 20
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This map is part of the OstWall 03 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Map Guidelines

This map can go various ways, depending on how you play. The city, with its port, is sliced up in different area's. Losing a specific area will have consequences. Although you are not obliged to keep the city under control, you will have to for as long as it takes to protect your ambulances with wounded soldiers (that need to be brought to the other side of the river).

At the start, withdraw your snipers and place them somewhere better. In the north of the city, you will find some retreating units. Get them into the city before they are being attacked. In the same area, beware for enemy bomber planes (green area on map). From all sides, enemy units will keep pounding upon the city and try to get you out. These units spawn after they die. One enemy landing on the other side of the river/city will also try to cut you off from withdrawing. These units do not spawn however.

A British Major will come to the rescue. Get him to the City Hall asap. From the moment you have 2 British units into the city, the spawning will stop. Therefore the duration of the attack depends on the time you need to deal with the situation.

Repair some material. Man unmanned material. Lay mines. Replenish squads. Withdraw your artillery guns to the island. Tip: In the port, you can find 4 Goliaths. Try using one or more against the enemy Rail Gun to stop it from hurting your troops.

Once you get the city back under control, you'll need to mob up the entire map. Try not to kill the enemy general that you need to arrest.


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