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Allies + Axis
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14 x 14
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This map is part of the OstWall 03 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

Map Guidelines

And now for something completely different... the name is 00D, special agent Dunkelrot.

When the map starts, you don't have to do anything yet. Sit back and enjoy the ride with Katherina to the secret laboratory. When you arrive there, things will become a little more complicated.

The two snipers will get out of the Jeep to enter the facility. Select both of them, put them into sneak mode and lead them behind the Factory Office buiding on the right. They should be more or less safe there when their disguise is lost.

At this point, there are 3 objectives to fulfill. After you have fulfilled these, you still need to escape from the facility. The easiest way to get through this, is to perform all necessary steps in reverse. Say what?

Notice there's an officer just in front of the house on the left. Take him out first. When you have to escape the facility, you don't want to waste time with the guards (and the dog) on your way out, so take them out as well. You might have noticed 2 more guards patrolling. You could still escape without taking them out, but then you would need a perfect timing. So, best to take them out as well. Next, complete the objectives. Start with the tank: sneak passed the dead officer to the back of the tank. Beware for enemy soldiers housed in the warehouse! After that return passed the dead officer and get into the Factory Floor buildings. It doesn't matter which one. Keep it there for as long as it takes to complete the objective (searching documents might take a while). Next, get into the Factory Office building to complete the last objective. Again, this might take some time to fulfill. You want to perform this objective last, so you have the shortest way towards the exit.

From the moment you fulfill the last objective, enemy squads will come marching towards the facility. So you have to get out fast. You could already have sent Katherina up front as a lookout, giving you the opportunity to run out instead of sneaking. Don't tempt your luck too much however. If you must, you can sacrifice Katherina, but you must get out alive.

There's two ways you can go. Left or right?

  • Going left (escape route #2): follow the roads and head down around the bunkers. An enemy squad and an armored car will search the area. Their movement is a bit hard to predict. It depends on their patrolling behaviour and your position at a specific time. Sending your own armored cars towards the area might make it easier to escape.
  • Going right (escape route #1): cross the road and follow it down around the bunkers. Two enemy squads will come swarming, but these are easier to predict. As soon as they come in sight, try to move your snipers inbetween them. They will cross the road and then go up towards the facility. From there, you can head down.

While heading for the meeting point and after that the exit point, be alert for other patrolling enemy units. Try to avoid these as much as you can. If you can't, use your armored cars and squads to fight them, but in this case, beware for enemy artillery throwing shells at you.


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