Warsaw - OA

Warsaw Map Image
Wespex - kaoz
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Allies + Axis
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20 x 20
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This map is part of the OstWall 01 chapter and included in the Operation Apocalypse mod.

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Map Guidelines

Three agents in the field need to be put on a train and brought back to a certain exit point. So get them in a car and head for the train station. Be careful though, because the city is full of partisans that will try to prevent this.

There's also a few other units up ahead the front, pull them back beyond the trenches where they can be of better use. On the front/camp in the west, immediatly start laying mines on both sides of the rocks. There won't be enough time to the same on the east front/camp. The fronts will eventually become overrun, but again, try to slow down the enemy advance for as long as possible.

In the east front/camp, notice there's a lot of soldiers entrenched or in bunkers facing the city. They are useless there. Order them to trenches in the middle of the map. They will be needed there as the enemy will also try to break through your defenses there.

The safest and most quickly way to bring the agents back to the station is over the main road. Where the main road crosses the railroad, are 2 houses that contain enemies. Try to take these out with your rocket launcher or something like that. Of all the enemies in the city, those are the most important not only for the agents to pass, but for the train as well.

When the agents have boarded, hurry the train to the other side of the river. As the train passes the railroad bridge, enemies will appear on the other side of river. However, you should have had plenty of time to get your troops in position there. The enemy will also send attack planes over there. Make sure you are able to respond with fighter planes. Protect the train at all times, if it becomes hit, it will be impossible to win.


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