Road to Klin

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3 heavy maps.

After the great victories of summer, the germans pushed against the soviet capital, Moscow. The change of the weather, the stretching of the german lines and the deseparate defense of the soviets provoked the stall of the offensive on the begining of october, with the wehrmacht very close to the capital. The beginning of the snow froze the ground and allowed the re-start of the offensive. Third and Four panzer groups should continue their advance toward Klin and Volga-Moscow canal, on north of Moscow, and Second Panzer Army should move to Tula and Kashira on south; the original plan was to unite the two forces at east and encircle Moscow.

The chapter contains 1.xml files which correct the sight values and voices of some units. It seems Panzerwaffen authors forgot to change the values of the stalingrad units on the original release, also the german T-34s still talked russian! Dont worry, these files are full compatible with the patch 2.0 and it is strongly recommended to keep the chapter file on your data directory to have a better performance on the other PZWF maps.

About the chapter: it uses two maps made originally by Dieter Brendel. As usual, I removed all units, almost all buildings made a new script and changed everything, to be sincere, I like to use old maps as a base to my new maps cause I'm not very good with the roads and landscape. Still, I like to give the credits too.

Thanks to GordonCZ for help with the script of the last map and to Fritz Lang for testing it.

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