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Still addicted to this RTS computer game and fancy a custom map, chapter or mod?
You came to the right place, as we offer the finest and most delectable Blitzkrieg maps of all Tamriel.

Thanks go out to [BKP], Wespex, Major Pain, Boltz and longfellow for passing on the BKP Legacy.
Big thanks also to the various authors for their effort and time in creating the maps, chapters and mods.

Note that registered members will only have the option to rate the maps and comment on them. This place is not meant to be a forum. Please refer to BlitzSrbija for this.

When you register, note that only those with a "normal" username and email-address will become approved, as this site receives a lot of fake account requests. Also note that the approval may take a couple of days as these requests aren't being checked on a daily basis. In case you feel like your membership request might have been denied unfairly, but automatically by this site, please send me a private message on the BlitzSrbija forum.

Hope you will enjoy!

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